Our Goals

By 23 March 2019 May 27th, 2019 organizational

Inspiration, creation and teaching each other

Junior IOT focuses with enthusiasm on spreading technical inspiration, mainly to young people. We have a close collaboration with schools and other partners.


We are eager to see more passion for technology in our society, so that we can consciously contribute our ideas to modern developments. After all, together we build our future society.
Making studenst aware of modern technology and possibilities helps them form their inspiration and interest well before they have to make important choices in their lives. This coincides with a movement in education, which we will have to make anyway – a move with which we seem to be struggling with.
We believe that great initiatives and projects in this area can be successful, especially where they seem to break with existing standards and procedures. Innovation: If everyone says it is not possible – we will show you how it’s done!

Objective – working independently on technology

The objective of Junior IOT is to inspire young people in society in the field of modern technology and innovation. We do this by:
  • Creating and cultivating a safe environment for the self-sustained junior community. This community originated from the freedom and support in the earlier projects.
  • Organizing activities in our safe environment that contribute in an innovative way to the development of students. With this we emphasize digital skills and programming, designing and creation with modern techniques, research and development, and above all independent and effective collaboration. You will recognize these as the 21st century skills.
  • Making teaching materials available so that teachers and school boards can stimulate the same development within their environment. The the materials are a welcome addition for schools to replace and streamline parts of their curriculum.
  • Expressing our vision in many places.
  • involving other parties and companies in the realization of our vision.

Target groups

Our target group consists of boys and girls aged 12-17, and recently we add a focus on primary education as well. In practice, the age in our workspace varies from 3.5 to 70 years.