written: 12 March 2020
updated: 15 March 2020 17:40


We hear more and more news about the measures taken in the Netherlands because of the corona pandemic. Measures are also getting closer and closer.

  • Larger events are being cancelled.
  • Companies with an important function now choose to cancel non-essential activities and visits.
  • For vulnerable people, it is better for their health to maintain a certain social distance.

Thursday afternoon at approximately 15:30 the following new measures have been taken for the Netherlands (valid until 31 March)

  • Schools in primary, secondary and secondary education remain open. Young people are not the group with the greatest risks.
  • HBO and universities prefer to give large-scale lectures online.
  • With mild complaints, you stay at home. Stay at home and avoid social contacts in case of rhinitis, coughing and fever.
  • Work from home as much as possible.
  • No events with more than 100 visitors.
  • Close locations where more than 100 people gather, such as museums and theatres.

Sunday 15 March has also been decided:

Schools and childcare facilities will remain closed until 6 April.
All schools, childcare facilities will remain open only for children whose parents work in vital professions.

You can read more about the latest measures in the current news items.

Is the Saturday walk-in open?

At Junior IOT we follow the advice we read in the news. We follow the decision of the schools and you make your own choice. On Saturday 14 March the walk-in was open, with a number of rules for each other’s health. Sunday 15 March the news came that schools will close.

The Saturday opening is closed until the 6th of April.

We consult with each other in our WhatsApp group in order to help each other and to coordinate the points of attention and rules.

You choose whether you want to come to the walk-in. We think that this will make it less crowded. Please pay attention to the points we mention below.

Is the Junior IOT CoderDojo open?

The Junior IOT CoderDojo follows the decision through the library. An update will follow after the MT meeting on Thursday evening March 12th. Friday morning it has been decided to stop most of the activities from the library. The Junior IOT CoderDojo of March will not take place.

Is the weekday student walk-in open?

With the walk-in student, we don’t have many registrations yet. We are not planning any new sessions for the time being. The walk-in sessions of March will not take place.

Is the Junior IOT Challenge open?

For the Junior IOT Challenge we are currently following the same decision as for our walk-in.

Adjusted planning for the Challenge – we will continue on 17 April.

Custom planning can be found here: https://junioriot.nl/lasergame-challenge/#changed

Friday afternoon March 13th we had a great first day of the challenge! But because more activities are canceled around us, we decided to skip a couple of weeks. We will, therefore, continue a few more weeks, and the end game will come on a later date.

You choose if you want to come to the Challenge. But please pay attention to the points we mention below.

Will the IOT for Beginners workshop take place in March?

There were no registrations for the evening workshop this month, and we did not advertise this extra. In March there is, therefore, no IOT for Beginners workshop. Also in April, there is no IOT for Beginners workshop.

Points of attention

Take care of yourself. Stay home if you have to:

If you have a cold, if you cough or feel less strong for any other reason, stay home. This is better for yourself and for the people around you.
If there is a reason that your school is (almost) closing, stay at home.
If you seem to have a cold, you may also be more susceptible to a new virus. Moreover, it can make people in our workshop restless. Then stay at home.

Mind each other. Keep your distance where possible:

Even though we’ve learned otherwise, from now on, don’t shake hands with each other. Last week we tried the fist bump, we’d rather not. You may try to shake each other’s shoes. A new fashion (invented by ourselves) is to bump each other with the right hip.

Our workshop is relatively cramped if you have to cough or sneeze you have to do it outside. Then wash your hands well, washing-up liquid and a hand soap pump are ready. Also, clean the work surfaces and the stuff you touched after coughing or sneezing, we have enough all-purpose cleaner for that. And then go home anyway.

Pay attention to your (and our) environment. Clean them. Pay attention to the following points to protect yourself and others:

Wash your hands with soap and plenty of water. Just do that once in a while. Do the same every time after sneezing and coughing. We have enough pump soap and detergent ready next to the tap.
Take care of your own disinfectant. Disinfect your hands (or wash them well) on a regular basis.